You can nominate a student athlete by filling out the form below and clicking the submit button.

Student athletes of any grade level, from kindergarten through high school, may be nominated.

Identify a student that demonstrates some (but not necessarily all) of the following nine qualifications:

1. Persistence in giving personal best
2. An inspiring example to others
3. Peer leadership
4. Strong contribution to school and/or community (through volunteerism, school clubs, extra-curricular activities, projects, etc.)
5. High academic achievement
6. Positive attitude
7. Perseverance (i.e. overcoming a handicap, behavioral problem, or other personal difficulty)
8. Love of learning
9. Desire, determination, and diligence to improve

Athlete of the Week Nomination Form
Nominate an athlete of the week by filling out the form below.
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Athlete of the Week - NOMINATION

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